How to use

The Biker Club Jacket

In this this video we demonstrate jacket's features and functional elements. Please take a look and you will find that the rest the gifs on this page display each of the functional element in greater detail.

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Collapse Function

Patented collapse hood function will allow you to take it off without raising a hand. Ones collapsed, using innovative drawstring and eyelet design your hood can be fixed in a collapsed position, preventing wind from interfering with it while you ride.

Detachable hood

The hood can also be removed easily. It is simply unzipped for versatility. The jacket looks totally different without it. Which way do you like it best?

Options and Convenience

Sleaves are removable and interchangiablr, different sleeves can be purchased to be put on an existing jacket. New sleeves with specialized features are being developed and will be introduced when available.

Wear as a Vest

Because Biker Club Jacket is a modular jacket, all parts of it are removable and interchangeable. So you can remove them and wear it as a vest.

Comfort and flexibility

Why chill your nose and ears when you can easily cover them with Biker Club's built-in, multi-functional Face Panel. Wear it on or off the bike. It protects your neck and face from road debris, bugs, and more stuff that the road throws at you and no matter how you move your head, your face is sheathed. Fold it down around your collar and it fits very comfortably under a helmet, providing a seal to keep the cold out. Can be worn as a mask and is detachable AND interchangeable! Wear the jacket with or without the face panel or mix it up with different graphic designs.

Versatility and Utility

0 Pockets, 6 of which double as ventilation. When opened, proven to be very effective as ventilation and should allow you to bring whatever you need along when closed. Use all or just the ones you find most convenient.

Safety and Comfort

Magnetic catch plate for the Draw String. The wind won't take this one to cause annoyance and distraction.

CoverAll Hat

CoverAll Hat is basically a necessity these days. This was designed to comfortably cover your face from the road debris while you ride, to keep your neck and face covered in case it is cold as well as look really cool as a hat. Now, if you have one you will never need to bring a mask along anywhere you go. You may at one point or another have gotten on the road without either one or both so you do not need anyone to tell you how valuable this can be. The best part is that you will never have to look for it, if it is not on your face it is on your head.